Stress Echo


 The cardiac ultrasound examination demands are high and nowadays include a mix of routine & complex cases as well as follow-up cases.

With the GE Vivid S70N cardiological ultrasound, we achieve the highest imaging and most accurate measurements. Our unique C Sound beamformer platform software provides pixel accuracy and high reliability diagnosis. Performs the most difficult scans in patients with pulmonary disease, obese and critically ill patients.

The characteristics of this specific diagnostic machine are as follows:

  • State-of-the-art digital echocardiograph Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology
  • High-Definition Imaging of Triplex cardiac examinations.
  • Stress Echo dynamic fatigue test using contrast agents.
  • Evaluation and diagnosis of coronary artery disease.
  • Assessment and diagnosis of mixed valvular diseases.
  • 3D Matrix head

The Vivid S70N has a cardiology protocol for performing the STRESS ECHO (Dynamic Echocardiography) as well as CONTRAST (Contrast Echocardiography) examination.


The examination in question concerns a form of specialized fatigue test that simultaneously combines the heart triplex with direct and continuous monitoring of the mobility of the heart walls under conditions of fatigue.

These conditions are achieved either with medication or with physical exercise depending on each clinical case.

This method is used in the diagnosis of coronary heart artery disease, in the assessment of possible valvular disease, for preoperative control and in the assessment of diastolic dysfunction of the heart.

In relation to the classic fatigue test on a rolling carpet, it has a much higher diagnostic accuracy that exceeds 90%, especially with the use of the Contrast factor that must be used in every case to ensure the best analysis.

Compared to similar tests (SPECT, PET, etc.) it has more advantages for the patient such as a short procedure time (about 30′), lower cost, safety, while at the same time it is ecological and most importantly without radiation because it is based on ultrasound.