Digital Orthopadomograph

Carestream 9300
Carestream 9300

Panoramic View

Carestream 9300

The first to settle in Greece.

For dental imaging our diagnostic center has the state-of-the-art Digital Orthopantomograph – CBCT with cephalometric, CARESTREAM 9300. Our equipment provide digital analysis and direct transmission of the digital file to the treating dentist, enabling the doctor to prepare the dental treatment or surgery even before the patient’s visit. Field of View: 5x5cm to 17×13.5cm Imaging of small fields has a very high resolution valuable for endodontists, orthodontists, implantologists and pediatric dentists. Imaging of large fields provide essential information to orthodontists, orthodontists, otolaryngologists and pulmonologists. Resolution: 90μm-300μm. It also provides a special imaging mode with lower doses of radiation for pediatric use.

Examinations performed:

  • Digital panoramic x-ray.
  • Cephalometric radiography.
  • 3d illustration of jaws
  • Temporomandibular joint shots.

The basic technical capabilities of the system are:

3D CBCT 3D Display. The state-of-the-art Cone-Beam (CBCT 3D) technology of our system provides the ability of analyzing film sections of 0.5 mm or 1mm according to the needs of the treating physician. The images are coded in the form of DICOM and through a special software program there is the capability of three-dimensional reconstruction and processing of the image, providing the treating physician with a significant aid towards providing personalized care during preoperative examination and help in the preparation of the implants.

Panoramic Digital Illustration

  • panoramic resolution 3.1 lp / mm
  • Gray scale depth: 14bit 16384

Cephalometric Digital Imaging

  • Imaging body area up to 30x30cm
  • Cephalometric resolution 2.5 lp / mm
  • Gray scale depth: 14bit 16384
  • Possibility of automatic tracking in the lateral cephalometric based on international protocols Rickets, Mc Namara etc