Cervical Spine supine position

Cervical Spine weight-bearing

Knee joint weight-bearing

Knee joint supine position

ESAOTE G -Scan brio

The first to be installed in Greece.

Olympic Diagnostic being an innovative diagnostic center installed the first open and tilting MRI device in Greece.

The ESAOTE G-SCAN Brio tomograph is a unique innovative device that revolutionizes the MRI tests increasing the diagnostic accuracy and the musculoskeletal applications.

The ESAOTE G-SCAN Brio magnetic resonance tomograph is a high-end device, the only open and tilting MRI system that allows to study all joints as well as the spine, either in a clinostatic (supine) or in a orthostatic (weight-bearing) position because magnet and patient can rotate from 0 to 90 degrees. The system provides great patient comfort and features the latest sequences and imaging performances developed by Esaote.

MR imaging in a natural stand-up position allows you to attain important additional information compared to traditional MRI, due to changes on the musculoskeletal system by gravity forces.

The reason is that when the patient is in a supine position the pressure on the joints and the intervertebral spaces is significantly decreased. Though, when the patient is in an upright position the compression cause by the force of the body weight reveals or aggravates symptoms and disorders.

For these reasons the ESAOTE, G-Scan Brio MRI provides the doctor with the ability to detect pathologies that can remain unseen in a MRI test in supine position.

There are even more to the innovative  ESAOTE, G-Scan Brio system. ESAOTE has equipped the MRI system with the function of true motion video capturing  of the joint under investigation. For this function the patient rotates his arm or leg while the full movement is being recorded on video in order for the doctor  to study the stiffness or the restriction of the joint and to examine probable anatomical or ligament issues such as meniscus tear or femoroacetabular impingement.

The tests performed with the ESAOTE  G–Scan Brio MRI system provide a higher diagnostic accuracy for musculoskeletal injuries in athletes and patients with intense physical activity.