Paternity and other kinship tests

DNA - DNAlogy

The Olympic Diagnostic center is in collaboration with the first Greek International standards laboratory for DNA analysis and identification, DNAlogy SA.

The European Center for Genetics and DNA Identification – DNAlogy was founded in 2009 in Athens by the most esteemed European scientific team (Institut Génétique Nantes Atlantique), who are the first to provide DNA identifications in Europe and are now a member of the French group of laboratories Group Carso (www.groupecarso. com).


  • DNA Paternity / Maternity Test
  • DNA Brothers / Twin Test
  • Grandparents DNA Test -DNA Uncle Test up to 6th degree relatives
  • DNA Test of Common Paternal / Maternal
  • Generation (Y chromosome / Mitochondrial DNA)
  • Identification of Biopsy / Bone DNA
  • Genetic Impressions in forensic cases

All the aforementioned analyzes can be done privately and safely and have Legal Validity thanks to the Forensic Experts of DNAlogy laboratories. In compliance to international standards the test identify 17 to 24 internationally recognized genetic markers, depending on the requirements of each case.


Saliva Sampling: Simple, easy and painless process of obtaining biological material

Alternative Samples: Ability to identify any human tissue or any sample that has come in contact with the human body or human secretions (hairs, nails, bones, cigarette butts, clothes, etc.)


Quality of DNAlogy laboratories:

DNAlogy is the only Greek accredited laboratory by the National Accreditation System (ESYD) according to the ELOT EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2005 Standard for all forensic DNA analysis tests (biological material detection, analysis and DNA identification) , and for all DNA Biological Relationship Testing (1st to 6th degree DNA biological relationship tests). Provides reliability of results in forensic DNA tests. Our staff consists of experienced personnel and experts of the Greek and International Judicial Authorities, DNAlogy guarantees the absolute validity and reliability of the tests on any biological material.