Cardiac CT with very low radiation dose

Interesting case report

It is about a 60 year old lady with body weight of 60 kg and height 162 cm, asymptomatic, smoker. Heart rate was up to 55 beats per minute. The scan was performed with prospective triggering on 128 slice CT scanner (Siemens, Go-Top).

The examinee received intravenously 45 mL of ultravist 370.
The non-contrast scan included the whole thorax.

Cardiac CT, very effectively demonstrated stable, nonstenotic, subclinical atheroma (CAD-RADS 1).

It is very interesting that the examiner received minimal radiation and contrast during the study. The total 64DLP are equivalent to 1.664 mSv of radiation. This is comparable to the 1.5 mSv of cosmic radiation that affects people in higher altitudes, like Colorado New Mexico.

Congratulation to the radiographer team of the Olympic diagnostic

Non-stenotic atheroma on LAD

Left anterior descending artery

Circumflex artery

Obtuse marginal branch